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Mon Coeur started, when the founders Marie and Florian were traveling around South Africa to find the best waves to surf. While living in Cape Town, they met a refugee family that were desperately looking for work to survive. Marie and Flori decided to take action and find ways to help them. Step by step this led to the idea of creating a product that they family can produce themselves. The Mon Coeur Bracelet was born. 

The support for the unique non-profit organization kept on growing over the past decade. Thousands of bracelets and other products have been made with love and dedication to change things for the better.

The project started as a small initiative in South Africa in 2005 and grew into the official charity organization “Ein Band für Bildung e.V.”

In Germany today, we have around 30 volunteers, mostly students and young adults. Our volunteers help us with mail-orders, marketing, logistics, and the product development. Also, they support the refugees’ adaptation to European life by helping find a flat to live in or to fill out forms that the German government requires.


We are a non profit organization that wants to make a positive impact by helping people with little chances. We believe that education is the key for change. The profits we make by selling products made by refugees and people in need go directly to educational programs for children in Africa. 

At Mon Coeur we are trying to give back. We created gifts that keep on giving. 

Be part of Mon Coeur and make a positive impact.