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H A L L O,   W E   A R E   
M O N   C O E U R

Us, we are a constantly growing group of younger and older people. We all come from different professional backgrounds but we share one basic idea: we want to give back. Through Mon Coeur we have the chance to share some of the love and good fortune we got to experience in our lives. We are aware that we have been extremely lucky in our lives and we want to share some of that with those, who have not had that privilege. 


With our diverse talents and interests we are able to cover all aspects of our charity. 

We would love to present to you all of the faces of Mon Coeur, but since those become more every day, there simply is not enough room. 


We do want to introduce ourselves to you. The best way to do that is at one of our events. We would love to welcome you to a Mon Coeur event because we want to get to know you, share our beliefs with you and want you to become a part of Mon Coeur.

In order to spread the love and the idea of Mon Coeur we need you.

Become part of our family, become an ambassador and contact us

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