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„ Gather moments, not things“

Are you proud of your first child, your exams or just to be yourself? Momentikus are small presents for you or a person that you want to say: „thank you for making my life so beautiful“.

To keep a good memory of a warm afternoon outside with your best friends, it’s maybe just a  “PomPom“. When your wife gives birth to your healthy child, it is maybe a new star in your sky.

Now you have the chance to wear all these special moments close to your heart on a gilded silver necklace that reminds you. „Enjoy this moment, because this moment is your life!“

With this for profit product you support children, by providing them access to education.

Thank you for this special collaboration. These little jewels are true pieces of art and produced with love and in a fair environment by local artist „Aby“ in Cape Town.


"Cloé" is a small moon out of brass. It reminds you on a tuff challenge that you successfully mastered with dedication and true efforts. 

About 1cm tall.

16,- EUR


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